Increased levels of inosine in a mouse model of inflammation


Infection-induced colitis in mice causes dynamic and tissue-specific changes in stress response and DNA damage leading to colon cancer

Defects in purine metabolism lead to substantial incorporation of hypoxanthine into DNA and RNA

Integrated molecular analysis indicates undetectable DNA damage in mice after continuous irradiation at ~400-fold natural background radiation

A Rapid survival assay to measure drug-induced cytotoxicity and cell cycle effects


Gut microbes define liver cancer risk in mice exposed to chemical and viral transgenic hepatocarcinogenesis

Continuous elimination of oxidized nucleotides is necessary to prevent onset of cellular senescence


Quantification of DNA damage products resulting from deamination, oxidation and reaction with products of lipid peroxidation by liquid chromatography isotope dilution tandem mass spectrometry

Surveying the damage: the challenges of developing nucleic acid biomarkers of inflammation

DNA damage induced by chronic inflammation is a major contributor to colon carcinogenesis


Challenges in developing DNA and RNA biomarkers of inflammation

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